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linoleum Flooring dallas

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More often than not, people think that linoleum flooring is not modern and not stylish. People believe that it is something out of the past home trends and would instead choose another flooring type. Although linoleum indeed had its golden years, it surely is making a big comeback! Because of modern manufacturing techniques, linoleum has various designs, colors, and style choices, making it an excellent choice for homeowners who would like to make their home a little more exciting. Having linoleum as your flooring is an excellent decision since it is very resilient; it does not quickly wear down and gives a slight cushioning effect on the feet that provides comfort to the home residents. It is also effortless to clean; all you need is to give it a quick sweep and damp mopping for a clean finish. If your linoleum floor has a finishing solution applied to it, it would not need constant maintenance and waxing to keep its luster and shine.

When installing linoleum, it is essential to apply it correctly on the floor to maximize its smooth and luster look. Otherwise, it would end up looking ragged and rough. The best thing to do is to call the help of professionals like Linoleum Flooring Dallas to install your linoleum flooring for you. With our expert help, you are sure to see a whole new world as you step onto your brand new, fresh, and exciting flooring!


When you call Linoleum Flooring Dallas, we will schedule an appointment to talk about your choice of linoleum for your flooring. After the discussion, our team of professionals will come to your home to proceed with the installation. Installing linoleum flooring would not take a lot of time compared with other flooring types, but our team of experts would make sure to do the job quickly and correctly.

Linoleum flooring is not always perfect. Despite all the advantages of having linoleum as flooring, you also need to be aware of the cons of using this flooring type at your home. One of them would be what is called “ambering.” It happens when the linoleum is directly exposed to sunlight and turns yellowish. To avoid this, Linoleum Flooring Dallas makes sure that your floors would not be exposed to sunlight directly. If it is not possible, we have available solutions that we can apply to the linoleum to be protected. At the same time, despite being resilient, linoleum can be damaged by sharp objects like sharp edges of furniture. It is easy to avoid this by moving your furniture carefully or getting them protective items like rubber stoppers. Despite having these cons, our team will make sure to help you get through it without any mishaps.

Linoleum Flooring Dallas prides itself with the expertise on installing linoleum floors to many homes in Texas. Our years of experience, combined with the great skills of our experts, will guarantee you the best results for your floors at home.


If you want to know more about the services we offer and the types and designs that we have for you, you can always call our customer service representatives to book an appointment with us or to simply answer your queries. You can also visit our office. Linoleum Flooring Dallas accepts visitors to the showroom for a more convenient way of explaining and showing what we can offer.

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM - 6PM
Address: 401 Tom Landry Hwy, Dallas, TX 75260