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In designing a house, one of the toughest decisions to make is choosing the flooring. Before, choices were confined to only wood, tiles or ceramic, or cement. Now, there are new choices you can pick from, these include laminated floorings, vinyl floorings, or linoleum floorings. Among the three new choices, vinyl floorings are quite popular with new and old homeowners alike. Luckily, vinyl flooring Dallas gives you the latest vinyl floor patterns you need for a perfect flooring finish.

What makes vinyl flooring the best choice for you?

Vinyl floorings are synthetic flooring materials that help give your floor a natural wood or stone-like look. Unlike traditional wood or stone floorings, these vinyl floorings are durable, versatile, easy to install, lightweight, and affordable. Due to the material’s durability, vinyl floorings are also stain-resistant and water-resistant that makes them suitable for places where there is foot traffic like the living room and dining room and moist areas like the laundry room or bathrooms. However, you must remember that because vinyl floorings are just synthetic floors, heavy or sharp-edged furniture can destroy its surface, so you must employ proper care in moving or using these pieces of furniture.

Unlike hardwood or stone floorings, vinyl floorings are easy to clean. This type of flooring does not require resealing or waxing. You won’t need any special cleaning materials, just a regular broom and mop for regular sweeping and mopping. However, some vinyl floorings require the application of a cleaner. For this type of flooring, you need to follow the instructions found at the back of the container.  

Vinyl floorings Dallas also has a selection of different styles and colors to choose from. This type of flooring may come in sheets, tiles, or even planks. If you prefer synthetic floorings that resemble traditional hardwood flooring, then vinyl plank flooring Dallas may be best suitable for you. Vinyl planks can further be classified as luxury vinyl planks and rigid core vinyl planks. The difference between these two vinyl planks is in their installation, luxury vinyl planks usually require glue while rigid core vinyl planks use an interlocking system to connect these planks.  

Since this type of flooring is just made of synthetic materials, its installation is not usually a problem. Though you can install it by yourself, it is still advisable to have the assistance of a professional for a successful installation of vinyl flooring Dallas. This is because the common cause of premature damage to these flooring is improper installation. Like all projects, you need concentration and a clear eye in laying down or installing new vinyl. It also requires a smooth surface free from dents or cracks. Otherwise, these may cause bumps or dents in the floor. Similarly, when it comes to replacing damaged vinyl floors, it is not recommended to have a new layer on top of an old layer, especially if the designs or patterns are different. Doing so may cause uneven floors and may even destroy the texture of the vinyl floor.

Vinyl Floorings are in trend now. Many new and old homeowners are now looking at this type of floorings as an alternative to traditional wood or ceramic tiles. One reason is that traditional wood or ceramic tiles are expensive and are heavy. Another reason is that it takes a long time and much effort for the installation of these floorings and requires twice the effort for its replacement. Maintenance can also be a hassle as it requires different cleaning materials and equipment to keep the floor looking like the original state.

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Having vinyl floorings installed in your home will not only make your house look chic but can also help you save tons of money as it will reduce your maintenance cost. If you need further consultation and assistance with different vinyl patterns and installation contractors, give Vinyl Flooring Dallas a call.

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